We need your help!

Someone Cares has reached over 80,000 individuals and their families. We server the marginalized, indigent, homeless, high-risk communities and we are seeking your help to continue our mission.

Someone Cares engages, educates and empowers individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other health disparities to achieve better health outcomes by eliminating barriers to culturally sensitive services, building a network for underserved groups, and increasing client resiliency.

“Meeting people where they are”

Some of causes include:

  • Early Detection Intervention Clinic Medical services and supplies
  • Transgender Health and social services
  • Community Street Outreach Services
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Alternative Sentencing program
  • Clothing drive
  • Food drive
  • Housing Homeless
  • Youth Outreach services

A testament of our work

Ronnie can you open up a branch Someone Cares here in Pennsylvania, they don’t have anything like it here and my doctor says that it would be a fantastic idea. I hope we can start something here because you don’t know how much your organization has done in inspiring me. I love you bro for all that you do for everyone.

Thank you! I don’t know where God will lead me. We are here for you guys!😍😍😍

You’re our Miracle from God, I have nothing but love and respect for you bro, thank you again and again.

I got the newest drug treatment available because I first heard about it through your helpful post on updates.

That truly made my day!

Your work extends far beyond the ATL, your organization is very informative and I share here what I learn from you there.

I’ve been undetectable now for years because I keep up with treatment as I’m inspired by all that you do. I thank God for friends like you that allow God to use you to make a difference in people lives such as me and many others.

Ronnie :
Look at GOD!!! Big hug! I must use your testimony with out your name on it because you just helped me to realize my work is not in vain.

Please do share it because people need to hear about how effective your ministry as I refer to it as is because I overcame the fear of dying of AIDS because people like you taught me how to live healthy with HIV through your reach out and touch methods. God I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ronnie :
Thank you!